Dr. Kenny Davin Fine's

Six Sides of Service


"Six Sides of Service" is a culmination of 13 years of public service work and creation of Kenny Davin Fine, M.D., a Physician-Musician on a Mission. Dr. Fine works to inspire us to unleash the GLITCH in our lives:
oodness/Gratitude, Love, Inspiration, Truth, Creativity, and Healing.

Dr. Fine's sole mission, both professionally and personally, is to improve your Health, Happiness, and Hope! A modern Renaissance Man, Kenny's work has developed along both scientific/medical and creative/artistic lines, utilizing his scientific, mathematical, medical, analytical left brain, and his creative, artistic, musical, and service-oriented right brain. He is, as he says, "Dually Hemispheric" and encourages all of us to be so as well. 


Science and Medical Innovation

Our clinical research employs practical scientific and nutritional principles, rather than focusing on molecular aspects of cells in petri dishes. Consequently, children and adults around the world are benefiting today! To aid this, our patented diagnostic tests have been made available to the general public and medical community exclusively through a laboratory called EnteroLab. This lab serves the world's health needs by offering affordable testing for gluten and other food sensitivity online.


Public Health Education

The mission of the non-profit Intestinal Health Institute (IHI) foremost relates to educate the public on optimal health and nutrition for a healthier America and a healthier you.  To achieve this goal, Dr. Fine has made it his priority to travel border to border and coast to coast speaking to medical professionals and lay groups about his research. We are constantly developing new information and strategies to bring this material to you. One of these ways, is to incorporate music into our educational programs, allowing us to uniquely teach children and adults how to live healthier and happier lives.



Organic SuperFood Solutions

We provide you with unique gluten-free, live-food healthful consumables brought to you by health professionals. Our motto is: “Better Food, Lower Prices”. Our facility is dedicated to only these products, with no cross-contamination risk from gluten or other food antigens. We package and distribute our health food in larger than normal volumes, not only to keep the price of the food, handling, packaging, and shipping down, but also to reinforce your commitment to this "real health food" lifestyle.


Healing Voice & Original Music

Music with a purpose to Entertain, Educate & Enlighten Throughout history, sound and song have been integral to healing practices, from ancient rituals to modern techniques. Dr. Kenny Davin Fine, driven by a visionary approach to medicine, seeks to revolutionize the therapeutic use of music that he calls “musical medicine.” Recognizing the power of voice and positivity, he aims to spread health, happiness, and hope through his music, contributing to the global expansion of healing modalities.


Musical Children's Health Curriculum

Research has shown that lifestyle habits are optimally impacted through education between the ages of 5-12 years. “Get on a Mission of Nutrition,” a professionally recorded musical curriculum, penned by Dr. Fine, (aka Dr. Kenn - The Produce Man) educates kids on: nutrition and health awareness, exercise, eating right, anatomy and physiology, staying away from tobacco, alcohol and drugs, and developing positive values.


Spiritual Health Initiative

Our spiritual health initiative embodies a vibrant holistic approach to everyday living, promoting better health through mindful practices, nourishing choices, spiritual musical medicine, and other spiritual practices, fostering a transformative framework for body, mind and spirit. Additionally, by employing unique spiritual nutritional practices, Dr. Fines’ methods help his patrons reach their loftiest sense of vitality and well being.

Music with a purpose to Educate, Entertain & Enlighten

I firmly believe that maintaining overall health hinges on intestinal health and consuming naturally healthy foods. That's why I've committed myself to ensuring that my research, which covers topics such as nutrition, gluten sensitivity, and inflammatory bowel diseases like microscopic colitis, reaches those who need it most Awareness of genetic and environmental risk factors and education are central to our mission. I wish to leave a legacy of one who worked for the good and good health of others.

- Dr. Kenny Davin Fine